The purpose of jewellery goes beyond its beauty: it has the power to tell stories and reflect emotion. Giving, receiving and wearing a treasured piece are intimate moments that should be celebrated. We’ve always loved the rich histories of antique jewellery, so we created Raven James as an opportunity to interweave modern wearability and versatility with a distinctive, antique-inspired aesthetic. The result is a uniquely layered and personal approach to jewellery, shaped by the past and designed to last well into the future.

Raven James is founded by Fleur Bell, who created YouTube channel Fleur De Force in 2009 and has since become one of the UK’s most successful beauty and lifestyle influencers. Fleur’s love of antique jewellery began at a young age, when her mum – a jewellery collector herself – would gift her vintage pieces for special occasions. Since then, Fleur has curated her own collection of antique pieces, many of which served as the inspiration for Raven James, along with her passion for wearable, high-quality pieces that can be adapted to create multiple different looks.