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The Perfect Bridesmaid Experience: A Conversation with Sinclair Sellars
Maids to Measure, the award-winning British bridesmaid brand, was founded over ten years ago by sisters Sinclair and India Sellars. Inspired by their own experiences searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, they created a brand to fill a gap in the market for British-made, high-quality dresses. We sat down with Sinclair to discuss the brand's journey, the unique experience they offer, and some tips for brides and bridesmaids alike.
Q: Sinclair, can you tell us about the inspiration behind Maids to Measure?
Sinclair: Over ten years ago, India and I struggled to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses for our own weddings. We noticed there were no British brands that offered what we were looking for. We wanted to create a brand where the dresses were designed and made in the UK, with a made-to-measure element. As we’ve grown, we’ve evolved, and most of our dresses are now ready-to-wear. However, we still provide a personalized experience, helping bridesmaids find the perfect dress that makes them feel unique and beautiful. Our mix of classic and contemporary styles ensures there's something for everyone, and our designs work together perfectly, allowing for mix-and-match options based on personal style.
Q: What sets Maids to Measure apart from other bridesmaid dress brands?
Sinclair: We use a very high-quality matte satin fabric to create our dresses. It has the perfect weight, which means it falls and moves beautifully, and a subtle stretch for comfort and fit—no nasty polyester here! Our dresses range from £130 to £175 because we believe in offering an affordable range without compromising on quality. We also have a beautiful showroom on the wedding mile on Fulham Road in Chelsea, next door to Philippa Lepley and near many other well-known designers and brands. It's the perfect one-stop road of bridal bliss. Plus, we love having our brides visit us and enjoy their time here—it helps that we’re next door to a cocktail bar!
Q: How should people approach choosing accessories for a wedding?
Sinclair: This really comes down to individual taste. Some people prefer accessories to be the key feature, while others opt for a more subtle approach. For a country-style wedding, you might choose simple studs or cute huggies. For an evening or black-tie event, statement earrings like the Lyra would be perfect.
Q: Which Raven James products do you love and why?
Sinclair: I'm literally obsessed with Raven James pieces! My personal favorite is the Bloom ring—I need this in my life. For bridesmaids, I love the Suki necklace and earrings; they make perfect gifts for your girls. Heart lockets are also a beautiful choice. Other cute add-ons I adore are the Dua Hoops, Rae studs, and Seren Huggies, especially for those with multiple piercings.
Q: What’s your favourite Maids to Measure dress and Raven James jewellery combo?
Sinclair: That’s a tough question! I think any of our V-neck or cowl neck dresses, like the Pandy, paired with the Luna or Dawn necklaces, would look stunning. Equally, our high-neck Tilly dress with hair up and drop earrings would look amazing.
Q: What are your top tips for gifting bridesmaids?
Sinclair: Accessories are the ideal gift for your bridesmaids. Not only do they get something special to keep, but they also have something new for the day, which complements your overall look. It’s a win-win!
Q: What fashionable trends are you seeing in the wedding industry right now?
Sinclair: Black is making a comeback. It’s such a versatile colour for weddings and can be worn for other occasions afterward. You can completely change the look with different jewellery, making it a chic and practical choice.
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